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The inventive spirit of the Rocky Mountain West inspires us to accomplish great things for our students, 我们的地区和世界. We're proud to be a part of a city as diverse and vibrant as Denver, and we work closely with surrounding communities to solve problems together. Our law clinics support the needs of veterans and protect the environment, and students from our Four Corners Social Work program work with Native communities to advocate for the welfare and education of Native American children. We've also created a contemporary art gallery and an anthropology museum for artists and scholars exploring underexposed themes and perspectives, and our Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute develops plans to conserve and protect Colorado's green spaces.

当我们与本地区的人民和组织合作时, everyone benefits from a shared sense of cultural and intellectual vibrancy. We advance student and faculty research to strengthen and enrich our local and global communities. Our students continue to draw on their skills and knowledge as they face the most pressing challenges of our time. Join us and discover the inspiration that drives us to create change for the greater good.

community service

Community Service

Each year, our students and faculty contribute thousands of hours of community service for causes in our local neighborhood and beyond the Colorado border. It's a key component of our student experience and part of our 四维体验.

通过像 社区参与中心推进奖学金 & Learning, the Public Good Fund 数以百计的合作伙伴, we improve communities and support students' personal and educational growth. 我们的学生正忙着改善我们的地区, delivering services for homeless youth and working to better conditions for our neighbors in lower-income neighborhoods. We also strive to include students from outside our campus in the higher education experience, offering leadership events and academic opportunities for local K-12 students.

我们也在全球范围内思考和行动, challenging our students to tackle environmental issues and fight for a healthier planet. 我们正在努力减少食物浪费 可持续发展中心, and our students have their own organizations devoted to combating climate change and helping instill sustainable practices on campus and beyond.




去年10月,詹姆斯. 坚尼地山校园 brings new dimensions and opportunities to the 4D Experience. Learn about our vision for DU students at this new mountain complement to our urban offerings. 

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+6.4% 6.国际学生人数增加了4%

+500k 532,638 hours of community service performed during the 2015–16 academic year alone

$100k $100,000 awarded to faculty each year for public-good research

K-12 Education

We support local schools and educational programs with the goal of making college a reality for young people of all backgrounds. We introduce students to higher education through special visit days, and our social work students work directly with youth in local high schools.


Growth & Change

Pioneers are exploring new ways to support our community and each other. Our students, staff and faculty come together with the community to discuss issues of diversity and inclusiveness at our annual Diversity Summit, 吸引除以1,去年有1000人参加. We've also cut waste and reduced the carbon footprint of our campus, with a commitment to achieving carbon neutrality in the near future.



通过纽曼表演艺术中心的表演, 当代画廊的公共艺术, 以及我们在丹佛的艺术场所和爵士俱乐部的存在, our students and faculty make important cultural contributions throughout our community.

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We're promoting community growth and working to improve our neighborhood and expand the dining, shopping, 经济实惠的住房和校园周边的娱乐选择. Check out the DU District master plan to see how we're collaborating with our neighbors and others.

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